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Infinitely Healing Indigenous Priory

Infinitely Healing Indigenous Priory Health and Wellness Center



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Indigenous Health & Wellness Priory

Infinitely Healing Indigenous Priory is a non-profit, Tribal Members Only health and wellness center that serves the tribal community to include members of the Turtle Island Native Network. Non-Native tribal members are invited to apply for a day pass or yearly provisional membership. 


Traditional Healing Practices

 While the modern approach to healing can be a relevant part of understanding and treating disease and illness and emergency care, there are many proven traditional methods for both palliative and supportive care still applicable today.  Infinitely Healing Indigenous Priory focuses on natural self healing alternatives that are less invasive and empower our members to learn and practice preventative and reactive care options that are right for you.


State of the Art Supportive Therapies

Our team will not only focus on your existing conditions and health goals, we partner with leading high tech development organizations while utilizing state of the art technologies to both educate and support our members overall wellness goals through education and supportive therapeutic modalities.