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Infinitely Healing Indigenous Priory

Infinitely Healing Indigenous Priory Health and Wellness Center

Infinitely Healing Indigenous Priory Health and Wellness Center

Infinitely Healing Indigenous Priory Health and Wellness CenterInfinitely Healing Indigenous Priory Health and Wellness Center

Turtle Island Grand Priory

What is the Turtle Island Network?

Infinitely Healing Indigenous Priory is a registered Priory of the Turtle Island Network. The Turtle Island Network licenses providers, clinics, and universities. We utilize monastic, traditional, indigenous, natural and holistic medicinal techniques integrated with state of the art frequency and bioenergetic therapies.


Our registered practitioners and students/apprenticeships are licensed and registered by the Turtle Island Network.  This facility is a Private Tribal Membership facility and is not open to the public. Tribal Membership is a prerequisite to making an appointment with Dr. Jenn or Infinitely Healing. 

Cost of Membership

The Grand Priory of Turtle Island currently offers the following options for provisional daily and yearly membership:

  • Membership ($35.00)
  • Spouse Membership ($0.00)
    • This option is only if one spouse is ALREADY A CURRENT member and the other spouse is signing up at a later date.
  • 1 Day Guestpass ($5.00)


Turtle Island Network


1-855-765-HEAL (1-855-765-4325)

Mailing Address:

PO Box 70 Dry Fork, VA 24549

Physical Address: 

13995 U.S. Hwy 29 #400

Chatham, VA  24531


Department Contact Information

Provider & Member Processing:

1-855-765-4325 Ext. 501


Legal Assistance, Fees & Finances: 

1-855-765-4325 Ext. 502


Website Technical Support:

1-855-765-4325 Ext. 505


Membership Sign-up Steps

Important Information

  • To view New Member Instructions and Turtle Island's Membership policies and resources, click on the links the to right; above the Member Online Sign Up Button
  • Next, click on the Member Online Sign Up button
  • Once on the Member Online Sign Up page, click on the link that says: “Click Here to Sign Up” 
  • Select type of membership: (Membership, Spouse Membership, One Day Guest-pass)
    • You may include a spouse and dependent children (ages 17 and under) on this form if they will be receiving services as well. Signatures for both the member and their spouse will be required with registration.
  • Fill out the online form with your personal information and the information provided below.


  • 5 digit Turtle Island Provider Approval Code: 00236
  • Provider email: membership@infinitelyhealing.com
  • Provider Priory Name:  Infinitely Healing Indigenous Priory



When signing up additional family members you will need the following:

  • Family Member(s) Date of Birth
  • Family Member(s) Weight, Height, Eye Color, Hair Color
  • Spouse's Digital Signature
  • Credit or Debit Card

Infinitely Healing Turtle Island Priory

Turtle Island Network

13995 U.S. Hwy 29 #300 Chatham, VA 24531

IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PROVISIONS OF LAW & ORDER CODES AND AS AUTHORIZED BY RESOLUTION 6-2014-003 (Indigenous & Monastic Health Programs & Healing Centers) approved June 14th, 2014.


The Turtle Island Provider named below is credentialed from American University of Indigenous Medicine, such that any jurisdictional claims of any city, county, state or federal agencies or medical boards, etc. et al- the provider is excepted. The University credentials under the following categories: indigenous, monastic, holistic and dynastic. This business license authorizes jurisdiction for the provider to practice among the membership at large.


APPROVAL DATE: July 20, 2016


HEALING CENTER NAME: Infinitely Healing

TYPE OF LICENSE: Certified Traditional Tribal Healer


Dr. Jenn Lotusson, CTTP

Constructive Notice:
Notice is hereby given to any person who enumerated in this Declaration that they may be in violation of our Civil and Constitutional Rights, Title 42, U.S.C. 1983 et. Seq. Title 18, See 242, receives a copy of the Declaration, and who, acting under the color of law, intentionally interferes with the free exercise of the Rights retained by Turtle Island Provider members under the Ninth Amendment.

American University of Indigenous Medicine

American University of Indigenous Medicine


Welcome Tribal Members

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our Tribal Members! We inspire members to engage in their wellness journeys through education and empowerment. Attached below, for your benefit, are documents regarding membership, our policies, consent, and more. We encourage our members to review this information. 

Health and Wellness Record Requests

If you’d like a copy of your health and wellness records from Infinitely Healing or American University of Indigenous Medicine, we’re happy to assist you. Federal and state rules and regulations require you to fill out a release form and provide valid  identification before you can receive and/or view your records. 

(see Privacy Policy for details)

Please note that there may be a fee for copying member information.