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Infinitely Healing Indigenous Priory

Infinitely Healing Indigenous Priory Health and Wellness Center

Dr. Jenn Lotusson, CTTP, Ph.D

Owner / Doctor of Indigenous Medicine


Dr. Jenn is the Directing Practitioner and Founder of Infinitely Healing Indigenous Priory and the School of Infinite Healing. Upon completion of her licensure to become a Certified Zone Balance Therapist, she was inspired to revise the traditional method, developing a less aggressive yet effective and applicable where the current modality is limited.

She learned that although the map was sound, the traditional methods were not as gentle on the body and caused unnecessary pain and harsher internal system reactions. Within a month of completing her method, Jenn discovered she had stage IV gastrointestinal cancer. Her passion for holistic health and medicine stems from her own journey of being cancer free while maintaining a holistic lifestyle.

Credentials and honors include: Doctor of Indigenous Medicine-Licensed Traditional Tribal Healer and Practitioner (CTTH/CTTP), Dame of the Order of Knights of St Luke (a Medical Knights Hospitaller Organization), Licensed Minister of Health through the Association of Pastoral Monastic Medicine, Bachelor of Science in Indigenous Medicine, Nutritional Therapy, Zone Balance Therapy, & Aroma Touch Therapy, Doctorate Degrees in Metaphysics and Divinity (Honoris Causa).

Jenn sees members full time for Infinitely Healing Indigenous Priory, located in Pleasant Grove, Utah. She also coaches and does long distance consultations. Specialties include Parasitology/Neuro-parasitology as well as The Lotus Touch Health Method: finding balance between Nutritional, Physical, and Emotional factors to locate and identify root causes for symptomatic reactions and presentment within the body. Classes are held regularly to certify and train perspective therapists. She consults internationally with Medical & Chiropractic Professionals, Therapeutic rehabilitation, and Emotional Therapy including Counselors and Therapists.

She presents regularly as a Professor for the American University of Indigenous Medicine & The School of Infinite Healing not excluding additional TG Essential Oil education. She is the founder of AUIM Labs and is a respected presenter at Health & Wellness conventions and symposiums. Jenn also presented previously for Ideal Protein at Layton Health & Wellness Chiropractic clinic, Albany County Chiropractic, South Jordan Chiropractic.  She has also presented as a Keynote Speaker at Utah Whiplash Group in August 2012.  She will also be presenting as a key note speaker at the Layton Energy Healing Conference in August 2019.

Jenn grew up in a small town in Wyoming and is the mother of two teenage children, as well as a pet mom to a cat (LB) and puppy (Sirius.) She is a respected member of her community, and has a passion for fostering youth. She attended the University of Wyoming as well as Boise State University and majored in Vocal Performance. She is a singer, songwriter/composer, and performer in her own right.




Monastic Counselor and Sociologist / Director of Operations

Dr.  James, Monastic Counselor, Sociologist and Director of Operations, James brings a  unique skill set and background to Infinitely Healing in the field of  Psychology and alternative methodologies of therapy and research. James  has a mentoring background in trauma recovery, self esteem family  dynamics, eating disorders, behavioral dynamics, addiction therapy and  recovery, as well as the sociological impacts on family and real-life  application. 

Credentials  and Honors include: Doctor of Philosophy in Metaphysical Psychology  (CTTH) American University of Indigenous Medicine; PhD Coursework in  Sociology at Rice University; Masters of Science (MS) in Sociology and  Bachelor of Science (BS) in Psychology at Brigham Young University;  Member of MENSA; Owner and Director of jwpResearch. He has published  works in the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion focusing on adolescent mentoring, as well as BYU Studies. Additionally, his business analytics work has been featured in Forbes.

James  sees clients full time at Infinitely Healing Indigenous Priory.  As a  newly welcomed Professor to the American University of Indigenous  Medicine, James will be teaching coursework in the areas of Psychology,  Sociology, Advanced Research Methods, Statistics, and Metaphysical  Psychology.

Outside of work, James enjoys spending time with his son, swimming, antiquing, comedy writing and spending time with friends.



Hunter Hankins

Lead Technician / Student

Coming with a family background of healers, Hunter brings a passion for passing on his gifts to everyone around him while extending genuine empathy and compassion. Hunter is dedicated to learning new things and increasing the impact he can have on others by engaging in education and self study. He is currently certified in the doTERRA AromaTouch Technique and currently leads the clinic in front office duties while serving an apprenticeship as a Colon Hydro-therapist. He is currently working toward additional training and certifications in various programs to include Dr. Christopher’s Certified Master Herbalist certification.

Hunter plays a crucial role to Infinitely Healing as someone who is willing to  learn everything from daily clinical organization, procedures, technology and practical application of alternative health &  wellness therapies.  Hunter is currently developing a broad skill set  and while he understands the limits of his abilities, the opportunity to  learn adapt and overcome is expressed daily.  The Infinitely Healing  Team benefits from the fresh perspective that Hunter provides to each  aspect of our mission and goals to ultimately provide our members with  the best service possible.

We  look forward to watching Hunter grow as he strives to offer additional  key services and therapies that supplement daily health & wellness.   As the lead technician, Hunter offers his talents, understanding of  technologies and modalities to our members and staff.  His ability to  convey important information about the benefits and purpose of each  process and procedure Hunter maintains a strong sense of humility and  willingness to learn from others which compliments his desire to perfect  his personal understanding and knowledge.



Megan Catmull

Wellness Coach / Student

As  our full time Wellness Coach and a student of Indigenous Medicine,  Megan joined the Infinitely Healing team, bringing with her a love for  helping people when they need it the most. When she started to asses her  life passions and goals, Megan quickly developed an awareness for  emergency response medicine. Working as a lifeguard she immediately  identified the importance of assessing risky behavior, and safety  hazards while learning to respond quickly to any emergency until more  qualified and trained professionals arrived. Waiting for help is not  acceptable to someone with a proactive and responsive personality like  Megan and she continued to hone her skills and education to improve her  ability to cope with any situation, qualifying her as a genuine first  responder. Her superiors identified her talents and quickly added the  responsibility of supervising and training new lifesavers and patrons.

Megan’s  professional career priorities began to unfold, and her pursuit led her  on a path to discover how she could have the most beneficial impact.  She worked as a Psychiatric Technician briefly where she began to  understand basic clinical procedures and patient care which offered her  an understanding that something was missing in her personal approach to  health and wellness. Megan was able to identify something that was even  faster than emergency care. Prevention being key to avoiding a serious  medical situation, Megan started work in a health and wellness clinic  and dove headfirst into alternative and natural medicine while  simultaneously enrolling in the Herbal Academy of New England where she  is currently a student of Intermediate and Advanced Clinical Herbalism.  She joined the Infinitely Healing team where she is currently learning  the art of Indigenous Medicine to include, Foot Zoning, Aromatherapy,  Colin Hydrotherapy, Frequency Therapy, Energy Work and anything else she  can add to her skill set and make the most impact.

Megan  was born and raised mainly within Utah which has facilitated her active  lifestyle from swimming, hiking, camping, yoga, gardening, and more.  She has additionally volunteered her time and talents to the improvement  of her community by participating in local environmental cleanups,  fundraising events, blood donations and helping with activities with  children at a local shelter. Infinitely Healing is proud to include  Megan Catmull to our arsenal of dedicated practitioners and technicians  while providing our members with quality care and genuine dedication to  your health and wellness.

Current Professional Certifications Include:

Nationally  Registered and Utah State Licensed Emergency Medical Technician, Red  Cross Deep-Water Certified Lifeguard in First Aid and CPR/AED, Red Cross  Certified Water Park Lifeguard, Red Cross Certified Water Safety  Instructor. 



Jenn Mitchell

Wellness Coach / Skincare Consultant

As our practices Skincare Consultant, Jenn enjoys sharing the skincare  products that she began using about the time of her 50th birthday with  those she meets. After seeing the dramatic change in her skin's  appearance, she found a renewed personal confidence that comes with a  healthy, clear, even-toned complexion.

As  one of our Wellness Coaches she helps provide the other members of our  team with support when needed and occasionally new insight into  protocols.

Jenn  has been a friend, patient and colleague of Dr. Jenn and Infinitely Healing collectively for 10+ years. She became acquainted with Dr Jenn  and her practice after years of trying numerous alternative therapies in  an effort to regain her digestive health. Dr Jenn was able to provide  answers to the symptoms and protocols for true healing.

As  a wife and mother of 8 children, her family is ever growing and  changing. She currently has 1 daughter-in-law, 1 son-in-law, 1  granddaughter and a grandson on the way. When she is not busy helping  manage the businesses she owns with her husband, Scott, she enjoys  traveling and participating in outdoor activities.

Jenn Mitchell, Independent Consultant for RODAN+FIELDS

Skincare / Dermacosmetics

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